What we aim to do

Grenfell Ministries is a Unitarian Universalist faith-based non-for-profit that aims to provide support to marginalized demographics such as seniors, youth, women and gender diverse individuals and those who are or were formerly incarcerated. With a focus on those experiencing homelessness, mental health and substance use challenges. We serve with integrity, compassion and promote individuality and self-empowerment. We are committed to building communities through advocacy and collective support.

We are a peer-run, peer-led organization that strives to improve the quality of life for those we serve on their terms. In solidarity, we offer organized voices of lived experience to encourage programming, policy adaptation and reduce stigma and discrimination.

All our programs operate from a trauma-informed and harm reduction framework that caters to marginalized communities' diverse needs, embracing the principles of empowerment, integrity, and self-advocacy.

"Believer, unbeliever or wild one. You are welcome!
We have no definition of who we are but human.
We have no code but that of respect.
We have no creed but that of equality."

-- Rev. Tet Gallardo (1970- ), UU, excerpted from her affirmation, "There's My Temple," 2016

Our founder

Rebecca Morris-Miller

Rebecca’s interest in starting Grenfell Ministries stems from her lived experience with violence, addiction, jail, homelessness and substance use.

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